According to Law 3255/2004 Official Journal A/22-07-2004 «Regulations on all levels of education» the School of Spatial Planning and Development should provide the required knowledge in the organization and management of geographic areas and territorial units; more specifically:

a. Spatial Planning and Regional Development. This includes national plans, regional plans, specific spatial plans, spatial development programs, infrastructure plans, local development programs, and project evaluation and environmental management for sustainable development

b. Urban Planning and Development. This refers to regulatory plans, general urban plans, town plans, integrated urban development plans, plans for enterprise zones, and taking into account the environmental dimension in the organization of space.

The School will award the following degrees:

  • Diploma in Spatial Planning and Development Engineering
  • Master of Science in Spatial Planning and Development Engineering
  • Doctoral Degree


  • Secretariat of School of Planning and Development A.U.Th
    Main Building (1st floor), Faculty o Engineering A. U.Th., 
  • +30 2310 991430